iCinema Magazine is an online film magazine dedicated to exploring the full extent of cinephilia. Founded by the ICMForum Community in 2021, it is our aim to not just be another magazine with a clear tone of voice and a broadly unified taste. Our goal is to be a portal to express the widest possible range of personal experiences with cinematic art. Tastes differ. Interests differ. That’s not just ok, it is incredibly exciting.

It is this diversity of taste, focus and experience we wish to platform. This is also where the small “i” in our name comes from. It is neither a typo nor an attempt to recreate trends from 10-20 years ago. The “i” expresses how each individual writer is able to seize control of the narrative and express their personal experiences with cinema – no matter how at odds they may be with the rest of the magazine. Joining together everyone from horror buffs to experimental film fans, and everything in between, we hope to drive a healthy and exciting exchange of ideas and to see cinema from more than one perspective.



Christoffer Odegarden is the Editor-in-Chief of iCinemaMagazine, as well the host of the Talking Images podcast, of which he is also a producer.


Mightysparks is an editor of iCinemaMagazine and co-admin of the iCM Forum.