Two Poems for Halloween

Two Poems for Halloween

Get into the Halloween mindset with two atmospheric and unnerving poems. The first digging into one of the worst nightmares we film buffs can image, the latter showcasing a possibly film that is not likely to make it to a midnight horror fest near you.

Film night

I couldn’t watch the movie,
the Hungarian was so badly dubbed.
So what if the only Hungarian I know
is Frig hangsor, “Phrygian mode”?
I still know bad dubbing when I see it.
How do I know if the subtitle writers
were listening or lip-reading or just
making it up?

Meanwhile in a lonely castle
in the Transylvanian mountains
a door creaks. The hero
screws up his courage to look inside
and shrieks— “It’s a friggin’ hamster!”

Not coming to a midnight horrorfest near you

The amoebat
is a eukaryotic proto- or pre-bat.
From its home in water which drips from the roofs of caves
it sends reverberating waves
which are not technically a radio broadcast;
it’s more precise to call them a pseudopodcast.

When an amoebat echolocates a cloud of no-see-ums
it warbles supersonic Te Deums
and off it flits on a search-and-engulf mission,
a journey it spends dividing and redividing by fission
until each and every no-see-um
can requiesce in its very own amoebat mausoleum.

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